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Tips to Staying Organized

1. Have a set amount of space for to-do items

If there's not enough space for all your action items, your spreading yourself too thin, having a visual queue of when you have to say no, or set a deadline back helps you me mindful of how much you should be taking on.

2. Know how your brain works

Are you completely task oriented? How visual are you? Pick a planner that works for that. If you need your day broken down into hours, try the Passion Planner, if you generally only have two or three set engagements a day, try something less structured with more room for tasks. If you're completely task driven and don't generally have meetings or engagements to keep up with, try the Focus Journal.

3. Don't compare your planner to Bullet Journal bloggers

Some people are super artistic, and that's so cool, but some of us are not. Don't feel the need to have a watercolour painting in each month - but if you want to, do it. I tend to use coloured accents that will make me feel happy throughout the month.

4. Don't overbook yourself

This kind of ties into No. 1, but be mindful of your boundaries - if you agree to too much, you could burn out and do a sub-par job on the tasks you set out to do, or miss deadlines. As I'm learning, it's okay to say no.

5. Don't waste your time on spreads you won't use

This took me a long time to sort out. A lot of people love mood trackers and habit trackers, I did not, so I stopped using them. I do have spreads to track incoming orders, packaging, collabs and invoices. These won't make sense for everything, so be mindful of that. I don't have time to track gratefulness, mood or water, but that doesn't mean their bad spreads, just be honest with yourself about what you will and won't use.

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