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The Issue with the Hustle

Hustling is never seeing your family, it’s coming home to a dark quiet house in the middle of the night and microwaving leftovers for dinner. It’s binge eating after dinner because there wasn’t enough time in the day to eat a substantial meal. It’s missing your loved ones even if they’re 5 minutes away, because you “just don’t have time”.

Hustling is unhealthy. It’s anxiety riddled, lonely and comes with very unhealthy eating habits. Eating cheesies for breakfast is fine if it’s by choice, but when you only ate cheesies for a day because you didn’t have time to get anything else, it’s an issue.

I get that sometimes we all have to hustle. Sometimes things have to give, and sometimes it’s worth it. I really, truly hustle a couple times a year and it always takes months for me to recover from. I try my best to practice self-care during these times and that usually means I slap on a face mask twice a week and believe that’s good enough. But it’s not, I know that. The hustler lifestyle isn’t sustainable, and we, as a society, need to stop glorifying it.

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