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Passion Planner

Why? An Instagram follower asked me to review this journal and it has a bit of a cult following.

The Basics: The quality of this journal is unreal. I love the cover, it’s soft cover but in a really sturdy leather-like way. There’s not bleed through on the pages AT ALL, even with a Tombow brush pen and and paper is smooth and white. It comes in dated (annual), dated (academic) and undated varieties and has one ribbon and a pocket at the back. It also has an elastic closure. The pages are not numbered and there is no index.

Extras: Like the Productivity Planner, the Passion Planner also sports nice quotes weekly. It has space for monthly reflections as well as gridded and blank note sheets at the back. Passion Planner also supports good causes such as giving planners to students in need, or donating to charities.

Pros: It’s very structured but in a way that I didn’t feel restricted. The paper is the best paper out of all the planners I have tried, and I will stand firmly by this paper until I die and the planner lays flat when open. The “Space of infinite possibility” gave the space and freedom I need as someone who is an avid bullet journaller. I also loved the dedicated space for tasks and todo lists as well as regimented appointments, meetings and commitments.

Cons: They’re expensive, shipping was a nightmare (DHL) and I had to pay 17$ in duties to receive two planners in Canada. Only have one ribbon was annoying for me because I couldn’t mark my week and month at the same time using what was provided. I also found the pocket at the back to feel very cheaply made, which isn’t a huge deal but it felt out of place in this planner that ultimately felt really nice to work with.

Did I still rely on my BuJo? Only in then initial set up and for future events, but not at all for things that I could plan and deal with in the Passion Planner.

Will I use it again after this challenge? Honestly maybe I would, but I made the mistake of getting the large one, so it doesn’t make sense for my day to day life as my purses are all too small for it.

Final Thoughts: Passion Planner fully lives up to it’s hype. I would still bullet journal over using it, but that’s just because I love making my own spreads. If you don’t love it, or you don’t have any time to spare, the Passion Planner is where it’s at.

I’ll be posting a roundup of the three planners vs. traditional bullet journal in the upcoming weeks. Sign up for email notifications to see that!

You can buy it here!

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