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L’Atelier’s Focus Journal v. 2.0

Why? I was originally intrigued by the Focus Journal* because it’s locally made in Vancouver and y’all know I love me a good local business.

The Basics: The smoothness of the paper was really nice, but thin so I got some bleed-through. It has two ribbon markers, and a pocket in the back. The quality of the fabric was nice, and it had a standard elastic band closure. Pages aren’t numbered, and there’s no dedicated index. Not a deal breaker, just something of note. The journal is also undated, which I personally love.

Focus Journal comes in hot at CAD$29.74 (or a cool CAD$25.28 after coupon code planwithsav) and you can skip shipping and pick it up if you live around the Vancouver area.

Extras: It also features habit trackers, which I don’t use but genuinely should because I do not drink enough water, as well as a space for daily gratitude, which I do use and appreciate.

Pros: The dot grid pages are unreal, they already have all the spacing laid out for you so you don’t have to count squares while making a monthly spread.

Cons: I don’t love having the list page on one side and the dot grid opposite, also only being able to use the page for 2 days was frustrating, it was just more space than I found myself needing.

Also, as much as I LOVE the dot grid set up, (this was honestly just unfortunate timing on my part) I couldn’t comfortably fit a September monthly spread on it because of the way the days lined up this month. This would honestly only be an issue once every like 18 months, so not a huge deal – just a minor annoyance.

Did I still rely on my BuJo? Only when I was setting up my FJ for the week.

Will I use it again after this challenge? I don’t honestly know at this point. I’ll have to play with it some more to see if it will replace my trusty bujo, but also it’s hard to give up the control when you have your spreads down to a science. I certainly didn’t hate this journal, but I can’t say it’s going to be by new go-to.

Final Thoughts: I think this is a great journal for someone who is a) new to bullet journalling or b) way too busy too spend time making their spreads. I really liked the journal for work purposes, because that’s when I seem to have a lot of tasks. I don’t have super long todo lists outside of work so I found myself feeling like I was wasting space and paper.

The quality of the planner itself was divine, I loved so many aspects of using and working with it. The week certainly started off rocky, but I got the hang of it closer to the end of the week and found myself really enjoying using it.

You can buy it here*. The coupon code should auto-populate, but if it does not, use planwithsav to save 15% on the Focus Journal.

You can also try before you buy! Sign up for the newsletter on their website for a free PDF download!

*this is an affiliate link

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