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Intelligent Change’s Productivity Planner

Why? An Instagram follower asked me to review this journal.

The Basics: The Productivity Planner has a hard cover, with no monthly spreads, one ribbon and no pockets. The pages are numbered, but there is no room for an index and it is undated. The paper is off-white and smooth but very thin so my ink bleeds through easily.

Extras: The PP features some really cute quotes throughout the book.

Pros: This would be so great if you had a lot of time based tasks. If you need to study, this planner would be perfect as it allows you to set a time goal and work towards it. The cover is very sleek with the black cover and cold embossing.

Cons: There is no where to reasonably put scheduled appointments or plans. The task list doesn’t account for tasks that just require being done, such as making a phone call. I found that for my life and schedule this planner just didn’t make sense.

Did I still rely on my BuJo? All week, yes.

Will I use it again after this challenge? I really don’t think so.

Final Thoughts:

If I were a student or or someone who spent a couple hours a day on the same tasks over and over again, this would be an awesome planner. My way of organizing just doesn’t vibe with this planner as my to-do lists are far more YES/NO vs. time based. The quotes were cute, and it’s very ~aesthetic~ but just wasn’t the planner for me.

You can buy it here*.

*This is an affiliate link – but does not cost you any extra.

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